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Organic Chlorella Tabs

Item number: NFBCT2KG
  • The easy way for more nutrients
  • Maintenance of normal vision *
  • For the immune system*
  • Helps reduce fatigue and tiredness*
  • Contributes to the preservation of normal bones*
  • For the nervous system*
  • To normal mental function*
  • For the energy metabolism*
  • For normal muscle function*
  • Maintenance of normal skin*

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Product information "Organic Chlorella Tabs"
Nurafit's BIO Chlorella Tabs are derived from the unicellular microalgae Chlorella vulgaris. As a natural food supplement in tab form, they offer the best conditions for the supply of valuable vitamins, numerous minerals and important secondary plant substances. Our pressed chlorella provides the body with vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin B12, vitamin D and other vitamins and also contains numerous nutrients such as proteins, minerals, trace elements and valuable antioxidants.Our BIO Chlorella Tabs are produced under controlled conditions and processed gently. To ensure that the nutrients of the superfood algae are optimally preserved, the green algae powder is packed in light-protected and reclosable packaging.With BIO Chlorella in tab form, the taste, which is not everyone's cup of tea, can be easily avoided. The desired quantity is simply consumed with sufficient water. Ideal for any balanced diet. Our BIO Chlorella Tabs without additives have numerous health-promoting effects due to the variety of vital substances.In addition, BIO Chlorella helps all busy people who do not have time for regular, balanced meals to still eat appropriately. Since it is also a purely natural foodstuff in raw vegetable quality, it does not contain any chemicals that could be harmful to health.BIO Chlorella is a green algae that has existed on earth for over 2 billion years. It is therefore one of the oldest plants in the world. Chlorella algae only occur in freshwater waters and are consumed mainly in regions where this form of algae is known. It supplies the body with antioxidants to counteract free radicals. 
Content: 500g l approx. 166 portions
Taste: relatively neutral in taste with a fresh, sweetish note 
Ingredients: 100% pure Chlorella* from controlled organic cultivation

Recommended consumption

Take 2-3 grams daily with smoothies, water, snacks, vegetable milk or for breakfast.


*The effects mentioned are due to the following vitamins, minerals and trace elements, among others:
* Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal vision
* Vitamin A contributes to normal functioning of the immune system
* Vitamin B3 helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness
* Vitamin B12 helps maintain normal bones
* Vitamin D contributes to normal function of the nervous system
* Vitamin D contributes to normal mental function
* Vitamin B3 contributes to normal energy metabolism
* Vitamin B12 helps maintain normal muscle function
* Vitamin B3 helps to maintain normal skin


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